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The protagonist’s quest to reach a magical place, is immersed in a plethora of subjects introduced by a mentor, who explains and articulates the physical phenomena. From the beginning, the book emphasizes the systems theory approach to learning. Topics are introduced as they emerge within the story line. The visited subject matter explored is predominantly within the field of physics. The characters' names in the title symbolize love & life, the ‘spin on matter’ refers to the exploration of the spiraling nature of our universe and patterns of energy – similarities in scale – from the infinitesimally small to the infinitely large. Topics of study are introduced from basic to more complex – waves to electromagnetism – to systematically explain and substantiate how this fantastical environment could exist.

From the perspective of the desert side of the mountain, a thick layer of blue and grey clouds continually hover near the peak, never managing to spill over. The peak is hidden, perpetually obscured by clouds. The rain shadow phenomenon is not something unique to this mountain, but prevalent among high mountains all over the planet, on nearly every continent.

When there are hollows in the clouds, one can detect that the land there is sandwiched between two bodies of water. The water above is translucent and the people lucid. Their minds have a transparent quality, they perceive and transmit only truth. Agasti explained that the strong magnetism there induces this unparalleled lightness; in physical weight and transmission of thought. “As you near the mountain range, you must then circumnavigate to the south, until you reach the coast.” Here is a satellite view of some of Adora’s route.

Agasti went on to explain to Adora that the local people call the mountain “Maji Taji Dari”, literally meaning ‘water crown canopy’. The reason this phenomenon of levitating water exists here is due to some events which happened over a very long period of time, in conjunction with others that happened fairly abruptly. It culminated in the creation of a very strong magnetic field. To understand the environment and circumstances affecting this mountain, you need to look at what we already know about this planet and our world. To begin with, everything that you see and hear, arrives to your senses in the form of waves...Unlike sound waves, light has an electrical component. Light waves are part of a larger spectrum, which is both electrical and magnetic in nature - electromagnetic waves.

Agasti sculpted images of the place in a resoundingly clear and patient voice, describing through different tales the enlightened people who reside there. Adora made the decision to make the journey. From that point on, when her intention became clear, everything seemed to effortlessly fall into place. She was captivated with the concepts he described, and wanted to drink in as much information as she could. Even before she started, Adora began to investigate the basics; those things we interact with continuously in day to day life. One realization that became apparent to her, is that spirals can be found everywhere in nature, from the infinitesimally small to the infinitely large. From DNA, the protein that encodes life within cells to the massive clusters of stars that make up galaxies, all are constructed in the form of a spiral.

Besides the fact that many things in nature at the microscopic level are composed of waves, everything is also always in motion; either spinning or spiraling! The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is one in which each integer adds up to the following number. This pattern is visible everywhere in nature.

Agasti explicitly stated that once Adora got to the ocean it would be apparent who her guide would be. The guide will direct her along the magnetic lines to the gateway of the mountain. The tubes in this diagram represent the direction of the magnetic field surrounding the earth. The magnetic field energetically is directed away from the earth at the south pole and moves towards the center of the earth at the north pole. A changing magnetic field creates an electrical field, and a changing electrical field creates a magnetic field.

The magnetic lines encircling the globe are not so 'neatly' arranged however, they follow contours in various directions, with differing degrees of strength of magnetism in different areas; represented by this diagram. The magnetic field is everywhere, making it a useful tool for navigation...Echolocation is fascinating, yet not as mysterious as what still puzzles scientists, how dolphins and a variety of other species orient themselves using an inherent magnetic perception of their environment. Magnetorception (or magnetoception) is the study of how animals use an internal compass to enable them to sense direction, like a built-in (GPS) global positioning system. Animals are able to return to their destination after a long journey without using landmarks or visual cues. Many different creatures navigate using the earth’s magnetic field.

Eventually, Shadow arrives again. Adora immediately recognizes the white spot on the left side of its head as well as white stomach. Without thinking, she reaches with her arm, tentatively at first. She tries to touch the dolphin and feel for its fin as it gets closer.

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As Adora pokes her head above the water, her unblinking eyes become transfixed and her mouth drops open. She lets go of Shadow’s dorsal fin for the first time since the day before. She had held on for almost 20 hours as the group of dolphins played, swam into nightfall, as the glowing sea life emerged and as the sun began climbing in the sky. They have reached their destination...Adora shifts her attention back to the dolphins as she looks back searching for them. They are receding into the distance. She turns her head back towards the mountain and remains there treading water, buoyant on the surface. She is mesmerized by what she sees.

As Adora focuses her eyes, she sees that a young bird is trapped there within a bubble. She is so surprised to see this creature, wondering how it ever arrived there. How strangely out of place it appears...Evidently the strong magnetic field increases the surface tension of the bubble; maintaining the pocket of air in which the bird is retained. She maneuvers the bubble out of the ledge in which the bird is lodged, and gently pulls it into her hands.

Adora’s palms open to let go of the bubble as they near the bottom of the cliff. The bird lands at the feet of a young man whose left hand is extended as if to greet them. He has smiling eyes, his eyebrows and eyes arched like crescents of the moon. His gentle smile curls the sides of his mouth, yet his expression is of sadness at the same time. His name is Vitali 'of the wind'...Later, Adora and Vitali’s eyes follow the bird. It seems to quickly reorient itself as it flies up the cliff. She looks at the water funnel spiraling next to the cliff which they had emerged from. Visibly shaking her head in disbelief, she wonders how they possibly had just been swept through this?

She can’t quite interpret his expression. He seems to exude happiness and sadness at the same time; as if perplexed, yet with infinite calm. At this instant she recalls where she had climbed out of the water initially, after parting company with the dolphins. It was just beyond the point where the cliff rises from sea level. She had found a more gentle slope to climb onto. Yes, it was around this miniature peninsula to the right. She turns around to assess where they are standing in relationship to it. Then turning to Vitali, about to verbalize her suggestion, he says “I have a better way”.

The series of effects due to human induced global warming are not felt uniformly throughout the planet. The temperature differentiation (contrast) is more radical at the poles. The hole that tore into the protective ozone due to the exponential release of methane gas from melting permafrost, had an even more pronounced effect in the high-altitude environment of Maji, particularly because of its concentration of elements with inherent magnetic properties. The highly charged ionized gas (plasma) streaming from the sun through the gaping hole piercing the stratosphere, elicits a highly magnetized environment… At the sub-atomic level, materials respond differently to magnetic fields; some have paramagnetic, diamagnetic, ferrimagnetic and ferromagnetic properties, while others demonstrate piezoelectric and pyroelectric responses…Metals are typically good conductors of electricity, whereas insulators are not. Metals consist of a lattice of atoms, each with an outer shell of electrons which freely dissociate from their parent atoms and travel through the lattice…Some materials become attracted to a magnetic field (paramagnetism) and others are repulsed by them (diamagnetism).

At the molecular level, the human body is essentially liquid crystalline. James L. Oshman talks of the ‘crystalline matrix’ within the human body, consisting of collagen, which makes up 70% of the protein of connective tissue. Like many other crystals, this tissue is piezoelectric…Hydroxyapatite (HA) which constitutes half the material making up bone, like collagen, also has piezoelectric properties. “Crystalline components of the living matrix act as a coherent molecular antenna, radiating and receiving signals.” This allows the body to register ‘tissue memory’.

Neurophysicists are astonished to discover that the heart is as much an organ of intelligence as it is part of the circulatory system. It is not merely a mechanical pump which distributes oxygenated blood throughout the body. More than half the heart is composed of neurons, similar to the cells that make up the cerebral cortex. In fact, the heart produces the body’s strongest electromagnetic field; an EM frequency which arcs out from the heart and back in the form of a torus field (torus means toroid, or donut-shaped). The electromagnetic signals emitted from the heart are in fact stronger than those emanating from the brain. More importantly, this field changes constantly, depending on one's emotional responses. Fear contracts the field, whereas love expands it. What Adora and Vitali come to understand in this new environment, is that it is not merely a 'spontaneous occurrence' to have enhanced communication and telepathic abilities. An enlightened way of perceiving evolves, as a person continuously responds and adjusts to new situations. One must maintain an awareness as well as resilience to his/her surroundings, and be willing to constantly develop and practice new habits. A person's 'intent' must stem from love and trust, rather than fear and doubt. As in all living forms, this involves perpetual motion. One must be willing to continually adapt and change.


This beautifully illustrated young adult educational e-Book is a fictional adventure interwoven with non-fictional links and charts for guided learning. It’s a quest involving magic and intrigue, interlaced with scientific fact; exploring topics spanning geology, biology and predominantly physics. As the story evolves, concepts are introduced which substantiate events as they occur. The array of phenomena explored – augmented with an array of interactive source links to further study the topics is also searchable by topic in the bibliography or table of contents. The book is therefore meant for the reader to also skip to a page to specifically explore that subject matter. With approximately 150 images and over 170 active links, the reader can start at the beginning and read to the end, or selectively jump to various topics by clicking on a subject header in the table of contents. Like a textbook woven into a story, it is intended to provoke wonder and intrigue. It could be leveraged as an ‘expeditionary learning’ tool to explore subjects independent from the classroom. It is suitable for middle and high school students, college level and adults. A future addition of functionality would be language options: including, Spanish, French and German. Merging science, art and spirituality, it’s an educational device espoused with insightful messages regarding the intuitive human journey through life – combining left and right brain perception!


Conceived, written, illustrated and researched


young adult students – public, charter, homeschooling


Still to be released as of 9/06/18


Young Adult Educational e-Book

Carol Keiter

This beautifully illustrated young adult educational e-Book is a fictional adventure interwoven with non-fictional links and charts for guided learning.