“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion” eBook Trailer


This eBook is a metaphorical tale interlaced with scientific fact. It’s at the same time a spiritual quest and exploration of various concepts involving geology, biology and predominantly physics. As the story evolves, various concepts are introduced which substantiate events as they occur. The array of phenomena disclosed – augmented with a large interactive bibliography – are stepping stones for further study of these topics. With over 80 illustrations and 120 active links, the reader can start at the beginning and read from front to back cover, or selectively jump to various topics by clicking on a subject header in the table of contents to specifically read about that topic. Like a textbook woven into a story, it is meant to peak the curiosity of students by involving real life phenomena into an ‘expeditionary learning’ tool. It’s suitable for the middle school student level and older; serving to intrigue and act as a review for adults in their spare time (during the commute), to dabble into different subjects. Intended to provoke active thinking and wonder, another learning feature built into this eBook is the option to switch between the English, Spanish, French and German languages. Marrying science and spirituality, it’s an educational device espoused with insightful messages regarding the intuitive human journey through life – combining a left and right brain perception! With an accompanying sound track, it offers a full multimedia experience.

created by Carol Keiter a.k.a. nomadbeatz
This audio e-Book interlaces science and spirituality. Featuring interactive links for further investigation of topics, it’s like a textbook crafted into a story line. With scientific content explored within the context of a quest, it serves as an enjoyable, multi-media enhanced learning tool for the cyber charter school, k-12 online school and home-school markets. With the added feature of language study; this book offers multi-lingual options at a click: English, French, Spanish and German.
Conceived, wrote, illustrated and researched.